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About Jessica

Entrepreneur. Educator. Mother. Fearless Woman.
She’s the girl next door, your best friend, a passionate educator, and a fearless business woman. As the CEO of Brandlync, a 30 million dollar marketing agency, Jessica also sits on the board of several companies, and is an angel investor – all while homeschooling her two children and traveling the world. Jessica’s life is extraordinary… but it hasn’t always been this way…

From Homeless

Growing up homeless; sleeping in cars, motels, or a stranger’s couch, Jessica considered food always with a question mark. The oldest of 7, she lived in her first house when she entered high school. With no other choices, she became a young care taker of her family while she worked towards a college degree. 

“Self-reliance is in my DNA.” 

She was on tour with her husband’s band, running the sound when they decided to start a family. She ran the show while caring for her newborn. To get off the show business circuit, Jessica cut her entrepreneurial teeth on a graphic design company catering to musicians that immediately took off. Soon after, Jessica helped her husband Matt start a chain of Mexican restaurants. As Jessica and Matt went through the ups and downs of business, she stayed committed to homeschooling her children and bringing them up as citizens of the world.

To Leading Lady

Jessica is one of the foremost experts in alternative, supplemental, and customized education; she is not your typical “stay-at-home-mom.” While fully dedicated to her children’s global education, that keeps the family traveling to learn in mobile classrooms, Jessica is also the CEO of Brandlync, a fully integrated marketing agency. As a partner in the Mead Holding Group, she oversees more than 20 other companies. She is a sought after speaker on how to align business and family goals and values with success.

To Changing The World

Today, she is on a mission to eradicate child hunger, using conscious capitalism and evolved education, to empower women globally. Along with Matt, she founded the Mission E.A.T. with the goal of educating underserved women on how to be better at business so they can provide food and a solid future for their own children. 

If you would like to interview Jessica on any of her topics of expertise or collaborate with her in business, please reach out and share. She is always looking for great people and opportunities to keep in her ‘orbit’.
“You have the responsibility to be better for your children.” - JESSICA MEAD
  • 2000
    Together with husband, Matt, in her first entrepreneurial endeavor Jessica launched Media House and grew it into a million-dollar agency in under 12 months.
    Jessica welcomes her first child, Bella.
    Along with Matt, she initiates a turnaround of a distressed Mexican restaurant and parlays it into 6 franchises and adds a catering vertical.
  • 2009
    Jessica starts a new solo business venture in the ice cream industry called ‘Bella’s Sweat Treats.’
    Jessica welcomes her second child, Jax.
    Matt and Jessica Co-Found EpekData along with partners, a big data service provider.
  • 2014
    Independently becomes the Founder and CEO of Brandlync, a digital marketing agency, now valued at more than $20M.
    Matt and Jessica divest all interest in EpekData with existing partners and spend the next 6-months executing a massive rebuilding of the software IP and infrastructure to relaunch EpekData stronger than ever. EpekData is now valued at more than $30M.
    Jessica increases her business portfolio by Co-Founding Mead Holdings Company, The Epek Companies, and Greyson Pierce Capital.
  • 2020
    Jessica secures a publishing deal for her first book Firework Humans and launches her first podcast with Matt called Follow The Meads – all while continuing to run her various companies and developing customized curriculum to homeschool her children.
  • 2000
    Meets Matt and launches her first publishing company, (Media House), to a million dollars within the first year
  • 2004
    Becomes a mom (Bella)
  • 2005
    Turns a Mexican restaurant in distress into 6 franchise locations with catering
  • 2009
    Starts and owns "Isabella's Sweet Treats"
  • 2011
    Second child is born (Jax)
  • 2012
    Co-founds EpekData with husband, Matt
  • 2014
    Becomes CEO and Founder of Brandlync
  • 2016
    Undergoes a massive divestiture with a partner company and rebuilds Epek
  • 2019
    Becomes Co-Founder of Mead Holdings Group, the Epek Companies and Grayson Pierce Capital


Jessica’s new 2021 book release champions every human with the feeling that destiny has more them. They have the instinct to make more, do more, and live more. Discover the 9 Entrepreneurial Instincts that all humans possess and how to use them to spark a growth mindset in any area of your life or business.


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