Sparking the Flame of the Growth Mindset
There's something that every human needs to believe with every fiber of their beings. And when they do, they will thrive. Period.
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Foster These 9 Entrepreneurial Instincts in Your Children (and Employees) and Watch What Grows!
Fostering traits in your employees can take your business to new levels (and partnerships). Developing these instincts in your children can spark something truly amazing!
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How Curiosity, Confidence, and Conviction Combine to Create an Amazing Life
For me, it’s about fueling the curiosity, confidence, and conviction, and sparking a Growth Mindset in the people around me. This is what I want for my kids and my employees.
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How Any Woman Can Become a Millionaire Mom and Live the Life of Her Dreams
My life now is a far cry from what I had as a homeless kid, bouncing from couch to car to hotel room. I know what it's like to be hungry, but that's not the reason for my success. The past hardships don’t define me—it's my commitment to evolving continuously.
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