Jessica, and her husband Matt, started a global movement for entrepreneurs who want to intentionally design their business eco-system to create sustainable commerce, succession, and profit to put back in the world.
Mission E.A.T. has a singular focus to make sure that children everywhere get three nutritious meals along with education alternatives that give them the best chance to succeed.
Does creating a
company that uses
“Excess Profits” to
solve Child Hunger
excite you?
Are you willing to
implement data-
driven solutions to
scale revenue and
Can your business
Turn a Profit from its
Do you believe
women on how to
scale a business
raising children.
Would you use your
company to have a
bigger impact on
the world?

The Details

Both Matt, and co-founder Jessica, grew up understanding that three meals a day were not always guaranteed. Coming from humble beginnings, they witnessed first-hand what going without a meal could do to kids and how they approached life. Decades later, with two children of their own, and on an entrepreneurial trajectory, their commitment to make sure children get three, solid meals a day is stronger than ever. Mission E.A.T. is to help women globally become stronger contributors in the business world; empowering them to provide both financial security for their families and educational options for their children. Using the “net-new profits” from companies that Matt puts through his Second-Chance Business Incubator, entrepreneurs contribute to the Mission E.A.T. With these financial contributions, Jessica leads established entrepreneurs through her E.A.T. Opportunities Generator program to help empower women all over the world. 

In the next decade, Mission E.A.T., led by Matt and Jessica, has a goal of uniting entrepreneurial business owners in a unified movement to make sure no child goes without food. Can 1000 entrepreneurs eliminate the reasons for child hunger in the next ten years? Matt and Jessica are on a mission to prove it.