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Have you ever wondered why you (or your child) seem to ‘be different’ – what inspires, motivates, and interests you – just isn’t considered the norm?

Jessica Mead, Founder, CEO, Investor, and Homeschool Mom has spent two decades focused on how to spark entrepreneurial instincts in her employees and children.

She has identified 9 Entrepreneurial Instincts that every human is born with and how to fuel the growth mindset that sets off fireworks in every area of their life.

Who is this book for:

  • CEO’s looking for ways to extract greatness from employees.
  • CEO’s considering homeschooling their own children while running their own business.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to better understand how their ‘quirks’ become their ultimate success driver.
  • Teachers and Coaches who want a deeper level of understanding the learning styles that translate into results and performance.
    Anyone interested in tapping into their own potential for greatness.

Filled with compassion, wisdom, and actionable plans, Mead delivers this Decade’s must-read book.


9 Entrepreneurial Instincts that you can develop to solve any problem, generate better results, and live with more joy.
How to ignite a growth mindset in everyone around you.
How to create motivational program for employees and kids that tap into their passions and get better results.
Why creating flexibility at work and at home creates better outcomes.
How to create a culture that delivers more confident, convicted, and curious humans with more motivation, creativity, and satisfaction.


"My choice to live life by intentional design has led me to make unbelievable things come true."

Advance Praises

  • No one understands people better than Jessica – at work, at home or even as a stranger. Her methods for motivating people are incredible.
    - Devon
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