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Learning Style Quiz

What does your child most enjoy doing for fun?
(Please select no more than 10.)
Your child is going to make something special for Grandma and Grandpa. They would:
Does your child prefer a read a book or have a story told to them?
Does your child thrive in groups of children or does he/she prefer to play with only one or two other children?
Can your child sit still for periods or time or do they need to move around?
Would your child prefer to build something with Legos/blocks or explore different kinds of insects outside?
When learning how to play a new game, does your child prefer to read the written instructions or have someone tell them how to play the game?
Would your child prefer to learn about frogs from a book or by being outside and finding them in their environment?
Would your child prefer to learn about flowers from a book or by planting seeds and wathcing them grow?
Does your child have a vivid imagination?
Does your child love hands-on activities and play-acting?
Does your child perk up when he or she hears conversation or music?
Does your child enjoy going to other children's birthday parties?
Does your child like to solve problems?
Does your child like to conduct experiments?